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Drum and Bugle Criteria

Musicality (precision of attacks and release, rhythm, tempo) 25%
Choreography 25%
Interpretation (technique, style, incorporation of the Sinulog beat) 15%
Total Quality (clarity and harmony) 15%
Costume 10%
General Impact 10%
Total 100%


Majorette Criteria

Baton Twirling 35%
Style and Interpretation 30%
Choreography 20%
General Impact 15%
Total 100%



  1. The competition is open to all schools and universities.
  2. Each competing unit should have a minimum of 30 and not more than 40 members.
  3. Registration starts on December 1,2019. Deadline for registration shall be on Friday, January 4,2020.
  4. Set must consist of 80% Sinulog beat and 20% of any musical genre or any combination pieces, but must be wholesome, and not those with suggestive and inappropriate styles.
  5. All performance shall not exceed five (5) minutes.
  6. Mechanical instruments, electronics or motor engines are not allowed.
  7. Other props such as pompoms, banners, flags can be used.
  8. Each group must have 1 majorette to be part of the choreography.
  9. Instrumentalist and majorette costume must conform to standards of morality.
  10. Drum & bugle and majorette shall be judged separately.
  11. Brand or corporate logos should not be visible during the performance. Sponsors will be properly acknowledged by a banner during entrance and will be acknowledged by the host and emcee before the beginning of the performance.
  12. Maximum size of the sponsor banner must be 2 meters height by 1 meter width.
  13. Ten (10) points will be deducted from the total points of the team violating this guideline.
  14. The decision of the Sinulog 2019 Board of Judges in this category shall be final and non-appealable.

Sinulog Foundation, Inc.

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Cebu City Sinulog Governing Board

SHS-B Batch 1985 Foundation, Inc.

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